There are loads of ways you can get involved with SHIFT, depending on your time, availability and interests.

Garden volunteer

Feel productive, stay healthy, and contribute to local food resilience by getting involved with the Edible Hub community garden. We have roles available for garden helpers, workshop volunteers, and organising members. 

SHIFT volunteer

Want to do your part to promote sustainable living and support your community to make meaningful change? Volunteer to help out with SHIFT events, workshops, and campaigns. All are welcome, and no ongoing commitment is required.

Committee member

Be at the helm of sustainable action in Nillumbik by joining our organising committee. Help decide the direction of SHIFT by sharing your passion for sustainability and making a commitment to grassroots change at the local level.


Use your experience, skills, or knowledge  to help others learn about sustainability. Teach a workshop, host an information session, or contribute expertise to our campaigns. You don’t have to be a qualified professional; you just need enthusiasm and a willingness to share.

Financial supporter

If you want to help but don’t have the time to get hands-on, make a one-off donation or become a monthly supporter. Your dollars will help us tackle bigger issues, and design more inclusive, wide-reaching, and well-developed programs.

Sponsor or donor

If there’s a sustainability issue that’s close to your heart, support our work by sponsoring a particular project, event or campaign. You can also donate much-needed goods or services for the community garden and our other projects.


People’s motivation to live sustainably is strengthened when they hear local, inspirational stories of change in action. Tell us about your sustainability journey, and help create a shared identity for Hurstbridge as a leader in sustainable practice.


We LOVE to collaborate! If you’re a person, organisation, business, or community group interested in sustainability, contact us to see how we can work together. We’re happy to co-create or co-deliver projects, as well as offer advice, support, and mentoring.


The most successful and lasting outcomes come from ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships. If you like what SHIFT does, partner with us to raise the profile of sustainability issues you care about, while increasing your organisation’s reputation, brand recognition, and goodwill.