Home Harvest Seed Library

Hurstbridge Hub is home to one of the stunning new Home Harvest seed libraries, created by local artist Ravi Sommerhalder. The seed library is stocked with free seeds that are easy to grow and ready to plant in the current season and time of year.


The idea is that you plant the seeds from the library, wait till your plants have flowered and are spent, then harvest the seed to donate back to the library for others to use. And if you buy commercial seed each year and have leftovers you don’t use, we’d love you to donate those as well.


A basket is always available on a shelf of the library for people to leave donated seeds. Just label your packet with the name and variety of plant, the date it was harvested, and any growing information you think might be important, and the Edible Hub garden volunteers will take it from there.

Information on saving seed

The Edendale Farm website has a wealth of information on all aspects of seed saving, including what seeds to save and when, how to collect and store seeds, and tips for saving seeds of different plant varieties. Visit their seed saving page to find out more.

Seed library cropped

How to fold seed envelopes for the library

All seed envelopes for the Home Harvest seed library are folded by hand, by community members and the Edible Hub garden volunteers. We have regular folding and packing sessions where people get together for a cuppa and chat, while folding and filling packets for the library. Check out our events page for the next fold and fill session at the Hurstbridge Hub.


If you like to have busy fingers, and want to contribute without committing to a session, you can fold packets at home using A4 paper, old magazines or even books. Folded packets can then be left in the donations basket for our volunteers to fill with seeds. Folding instructions are below.