About Us

SHIFT (Sustainable Hurstbridge: Ideas
for Transition Inc.)

The team at SHIFT is passionate about promoting a more resilient and ecologically sound way of living in our community. Our aim is to challenge modern lifestyles that foster individualism, stress, and consumption, and show people that sustainability isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also a fun, healthy and rewarding way to live.


SHIFT is a grassroots organisation run by local people working for local change. We run a range of workshops, campaigns, events and programs that are community based, and designed to inspire, educate, and connect people to live more sustainably.

Our Aims

  • to educate, inspire, and connect people to live more sustainably
  • to build local resilience by sharing skills, knowledge, and resources
  • to encourage grassroots action for meaningful change
  • to promote sustainable living as an enjoyable, healthy, and worthwhile pursuit
  • to balance environmental, social, and economic needs
  • to strengthen our message through collaboration with likeminded others.